This is me

I haven’t put anything on here since May but will be upgrading to premium in a few months so hopefully I can get this blog up and going again. Hope to talk to you then

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I am so lost!

Just returned to my blog after a few years and am so totally lost. Where is everything. I can’t even find out how I found this page. Help! If any of my dear friends are still following please let me know. My daughter has gotten me this phone but I am so tech stupid. I still do not have a computer and am flying without a net.

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Gone a Long Time

     Life has taken many roads since my last post on here. I did not die of a heart attack as some have supposed. I did not get raptured nor did I go to the bad place. I, simply, haven’t been writing anything that I would consider as good as what is already on my blog. I, also, haven’t seen any responses to what has been on here for 4 years. Plus, I need to be updated to premium and I don’t have the money. I could use some of that money the companies advertising on my poems on the internet are making.  Like I said, “I have been gone a long time! I’m back for today lol!

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Someday will always come

Pushing and shoving me ahead

Even if I don’t want to go

In my tiny mind I know

The future is out there

In the swirling mist of tomorrow

Any time today would be better

So that if I didn’t like the life events

That might plunder my life

I can throw them into yesterday’s memories.

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I haven’t been on in awhile and a lot has changed with the blog. I have noticed words in blue on some of the poems and was just wondering why they are able to advertise on my site. I have not given permission for anyone to use my poems in such a way.

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Quiet Thoughts

In the darkness of our minds

We search and seek to find

Old memories of much happier times

Like yellow song birds and wind-blown chimes

Quiet thoughts ease my mind-please do

With pretty flowers and morning dew

Crystal raindrops and sunset hues

Quiet thoughts, Dear God, of You.

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No More Sadness

Tears of sadness filled our eyes

Death had heard our mournful cries

No joy had come to us as yet

With happiness we were not beset

But we knew deep down in our soul

We would not sink into depression’s hole

We would fight these feelings of woe and dread

Until at last our soul was fed

No more sadness would we feel

With God’s great glory we start to heal

Now our tree of life will never bend

Happiness again floats on the wind.



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